Sensual, Alluring, Charismatic

Hello Gentlemen!

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Scarlett June, your Luxury companion, extending a warm invitation to join me. While I’m eager to learn more about you, allow me to introduce myself.

I have a penchant for sweet wines, luxuriously rich atmospheres, and hearty laughs straight from the belly. Generous lovers and wistful conversations are my indulgence. I cherish romance in its most classic form..Old School! Life’s pleasures are my playground, where sophistication meets a playful, adventurous spirit and a heavy dose of sensuous passion.

Blessed with facial symmetry that turns heads effortlessly, coupled with a smile that lights up any room, I embody a curious and inquisitive mind. Behind my vibrant mane of red hair lies a blend of laid-back charm and jaw-dropping sophistication.

1 hr 750

1.5 hrs 1200

2 hrs 1400

3 hrs 2000

4 hrs 2500

6 hrs 3500

12 hrs 6000

Couples: +1000/ hr

incall in SLC +200 to reserve a room

Touring outcall +200 to reserve a room

same day cancellation: $200

When We Meet:

I will feel completely relaxed and in the moment if an envelope is left on the bathroom counter for me..

If we meet in public, giving the donation in a card will be a lovely way to present the donation for our time together..

Tips and gifts are never expected but always appreciated. I love gift cards from..

-Delta -Sephora -Lulu Lemon – Nordstrom & -Amazon


You can always do a FMTY package on dates 6 hours or longer. I request traveling expenses to be paid upfront in full (airfare, hotel reservation, transportation to from the hotel/airport) along with 50% deposit for the booking. longer dates please inquire.


To secure FMTY or Tour dates 3 hrs or longer, desired date/ time I require 20% deposit paid via CashApp, Venmo or Amazon gift card with memo (consultation).

(I do make exceptions to booking without a deposit. Please inquire)

Screening is required!

A booking is confirmed once the deposit is received.. In the rare event that I have to cancel our date, your deposit will be fully refunded within 24 hours to the original form of payment.. Otherwise all deposits are NON-refundable.

~Thank you so much for understanding~



I’m a firm believer that romance begins in the mind, enveloping us until our bodies are alive with ecstasy.

I am insatiably curious, and its this curious nature of mine that led me to delve into various areas of academia (more about this in person!), while craving the excitement and connection with a luxury companion. Figuring out what makes people tick, adoring and exploring their b**ies, minds and souls- its a high i’ve been chasing since I returned to my home state. Take a peek at my bookshelf and you’ll find it full of non-fiction, body and mind wellness, and the odd incomprehensible science textbooks.

I love hearing about your favorite books, the poetry that stole your heart, the art and music that you adore. Let’s head to a comedy show, a Michelin-star tasting menu, or a hidden dive bar together. We can glam up and paint the town with all the colors of the rainbow, or dress down, stay in and create a hidden nest of passion away from the world’s gaze. Whatever your craving, from an hour stolen away from the office, to a day-long adventure, I’m that companion who makes your dreams come true.



Despite the differences that make companions all so unique (by those who discover us), we pleasure seekers have one thing in common: the belief that passion brings us to life. We both crave the memories that keep us warm at our desks, the smiles that linger, the conviction that creating authentic intimacy is worth an investment.

I come alive during longer engagements, where we can forget the time and find ourselves so deep in conversation that we no longer remember how we got there. If your the type of gentleman I think you are, you’ll crave a psychological connection as much as the physical. I adore creating a beautiful and ethereal environment in an intimate space for us together away from the world, is something I never get tired of.

I keep my model physique primed for everything life has to offer us. Hiking, skiing, boxing or dance- whatever the weather, i’m a woman on top.



AGE:  27 Yrs

HEIGHT: 5’4”







First things first.. I love exploring life and all that it entails, thus my palette is open to trying what I have yet to experience.

FOOD: Asian Cuisine, Italian, Latin American and American- Specifically Sushi, Pasta, Charcuterie Boards, Fresh Delicious fruits & Vegetables & of course Chocolate!

BEVERAGE: White wine, Rose, Champagne & Cocktails if i do drink.

FLOWERS: Peonies, Lilies & Tulips

HOBBIES: Art & History Museums, Creating art with various mediums, Reading, Writing, Exploring Nature.

MUSIC: Mostly Oldies with a splash of the new age stuff we call music. I have a developed appreciation for Latin, EDM (specifically house) & classical.



An average day in the life of Scarlett June consists of some reading and nature (preferably together), im an avid learner and love adding new skillsets to my back pockett. I have built several businesses and have gratefully created a few that allow me to pour my overfilling passion into each entity. My greatest desire is to see humanity truly in love with life and my greatest joy is seeing dreams aligned & fulfilled.

Im a real flaneur, finding inspiration in every person and place i meet. Each season brings its own magic and im here for the curious souls, those with an insatiable wanderlust, the ones who year to breathe in the essence of adventure. I can take you there; all you have to do is jump in..

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Thank you for choosing to contact me. My safety and your discretion are paramount to me. 

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LA 22-24

San Jose 29-31


Pheonix 12-14

Tysons Corner 19-21

Boston 22-23

~All other dates i will be available in SLC

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LA 22-24

San Jose 29-31


Pheonix 12-14

Tysons Corner 19-21

Boston 22-23

~All other dates i will be available in SLC

If you’d like to receive an email when I plan to visit your city, please complete this short request.

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