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I am a sophisticated woman with a playful edge. Well cultured with an infectious smile and a love for authentic connection.

My creative spirit and love for learning lands me as a polymath and a woman of many wonders. I carry a deep desire for harmony in this world and know that it begins with Sexual liberation. Liberation of the creative Life Force inside of us all. This means to really truly know who we are & allowing ourselves to deeply discover our desires. 

There are often too many obstacles that stand in the way of this discovery whether it be religion, partnerships or responsibilities that we chose before our present lives. Desperately wanting to discover our selves and our needs all in a safe container without ruining what we’ve created. 

When was the last time you enjoyed Intimacy or experienced your own Erotic energy?

RECLAIM your sexual nature!

It’s time you know what it is to engage in a sensual experience feeling confident, sexy, seen, heard, accepted and Loved for exactly who you are.

Every session with me is designed to help you connect with your sensual desire, passion & aliveness without the heaviness of shame and guilt. 

Nuru Massage

  • 1 hour- $400
  • 90 min- $600
  • 2 Hrs- $800
  • 3 hrs- $1150
  • 4 Hrs- $1500
  • 5 Hrs- 1850
  • 6 Hrs- 2250

Tantric Massage

  • 1 Hour 300
  • 2 Hours 600
  • 3 Hours 800

Tantric Coaching

  •  Single Session 250
  • 3x 1 hr Session package 750
  •  5x 1 hr package 1200

Intuitive Trauma Body Release Journey

  •  3.5 Hours min 1200
  • 5 Hours 1800
  •  Couples +500/hr

Incall in SLC +200 to reserve a room
Touring outcall +200 for travel expenses

20% deposit for all appointments 

Payment by Cashapp, Venmo, Cash

Same Day Cancellation: $200

Gifts and Tips are appreciated, but never expected.

Each session starts with a one on one discussion between you and I so we both know what to expect in the session. 

I do suggest for first time clients that they consider the 2 hour session to allow enough time to truly relax and enjoy. Multiple hour sessions allow us to go deeper into your experience and more of the magic.

Screening is mandatory, and a 24-hour notice is required for a mutually safe and comfortable experience. 

Thank you, and I eagerly anticipate our time together!


Meet Scarlett

For over 5 years, I’ve immersed myself in the teachings of a renowned tantric lineage, delving into the depths of this ancient wisdom. In recent years, my journey has evolved, leading me to embrace the role of a companion, where I choose to bring the essence of intimacy, connection, and unadulterated authenticity into my practice. 

 This profound tantric practice, rooted in the simplest truth of being as we are, unencumbered by pretense or facade, offers a safe haven for the rawness of humanity to unfold. It’s about embracing our entirety—every emotion, sensation, trauma, and desire—without judgment or reservation. This profound acceptance unleashes the life force energy within us, channeling it with intention to sculpt a life of genuine fulfillment and love. 


Tantra massage offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond physical relaxation, delving into the realms of spiritual and emotional well-being. By targeting the chakras along the spinal column, this form of massage purges negative energy while promoting the flow of positive energy throughout the body, thus allowing for more space in your world for orgasmic energy to flow in.

Rooted in the ancient practice of tantra, it fosters harmony between body and spirit, aiming to dissolve blockages and restore energy balance. The holistic approach of tantra massage enhances overall health and vitality, addressing chronic issues like pain and depression, and rejuvenating both body and mind. This approach also aids in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, numbing and premature ejaculation, by tapping into and harmonizing sexual energy, leading to increased libido and sexual satisfaction.

Tantric massage facilitates spiritual awakening and self-realization by releasing emotional and mental blockages, fostering a sense of relief and freedom. Additionally, it extends the potential for prolonged and fulfilling orgasms by dispersing and channeling sexual energy throughout the body. Beyond physical benefits, tantra massage induces mental clarity and relaxation, alleviating stress and tension while promoting a deep sense of tranquility. Through slow, sensual movements and careful attention to erogenous zones, tantra massage offers a unique therapeutic experience, allowing individuals to explore and connect with themselves on a profound level, ultimately leading to a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit

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